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By participating in Craft Heroes children are encouraged to live out their fantasies and aspirations The child’s imagination is stimulated in craft activities and by being creative. 


Play is essential part of a child`s life.   Craft Heroes encourages play in improvisation activities and role play. Play gives the child the opportunity to interact and engage in the world around them. Through interaction they learn to collaborate with each other and understand and express their emotions.   


Children grow by practicing their skills. Craft Heroes strives to equip the child with the necessary life skills through art and drama. This will develop a strong character and enable them to thrive in life. 

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What we do

Our Mission

The mission of Craft Heroes is to build a strong foundation through focusing on all the developmental areas. Craft Heroes uses different art mediums as well as drama to teach children the skills to thrive in life and develop into little heroes.  

What we do

Craft Heroes is a creative platform where children age 4 to 7 will get the opportunity to dream, play and grow.  During each lesson, the focus will be on important life skills necessary for emotional development. They learn these skills while having fun.

Craft heroes will improve

  • Active imagination
  • A healthy view of self
  • The ability to communicate verbally
  • Listening skills and following instructions
  • The ability to focus on tasks at hand
  • Communication
  • School readiness
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Fine motor skills
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Visual learning
  • Overall academic performance
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3 Aspects of lessons three components that each lesson will consist of



Art helps children develop mentally, socially and emotionally. It also improves the child’s ability to analyze and solve problems. The value of art is in the process and not so much in the final product. They learn colors, the basics of mathematics, to experiment with different materials and improve fine motor skills and coordination.

Children feel good while they are creating and this boosts self-confidence. Craft Heroes will help children invent new ways of thinking, which extends beyond the lessons.


The most important skill your child can develop by doing drama is confidence in themselves.  The drama aspect of the Craft Heroes lessons will nurture spontaneity and improve the ability to think on your feet.


Life skills

Children need to learn life skills that will enable them to become successful adults. In Craft Heroes the aim is to give the children the opportunity to practice these skills while being creative. They will feel more competent especially when interacting with friends. While participating in activities they explore and experience new sensations.

Some Covered Topics

  • Bullying
  • Complimenting each other
  • Sharing
  • Random acts of kindness
  • Identification of feelings
  • Anger management
  • Swearing
  • Being grateful
  • Dreaming big

Art Mediums







Paper Making

paper making



Packages that we offer

Craft Hero classes

 Craft Heroes works with preschools to form a valuable part of the school’s educational program. 

These art classes will be provided at your child`s school.  The children will work in groups of no more than 8 for 45 minute sessions.  Each lesson will consist of an art and drama component accompanied by a life skill.  

Little hero parties

Providing creative art activities for your child at their party.  Let me know what your child loves and I will create the perfect activity available to suit any budget at your own venue.

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Jessica Horden
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119 Zwartkops road in Boughton Pietermaritzburg
Craft Heroes